Born in Paris in 1955, Annie Puybareau showed her taste for drawing at an early age. Her family settled in Rouen (Normandy) and there, aged 20, she enrolled in the School of Fine Arts in Rouen and studied under Robert Savery (a renowned marine artist). Sensitive to nature, she works in the open air, in whatever weather is akin to the Rouen school of Postimpressionism. As a marine painter, she is filled with admiration for Boudin‚s skies and Monet‚s seas. Annie Puybareau paints the banks of the Seine, Norman beaches lively with walkers, coloured ports and chalk cliffs. Her technique is based on a good knowledge of drawing and colour balance. Her painting is achieved with bright, clear and contrasted tints and is always spine-tingling. All seems easy. Nevertheless Annie knows what to call into question. „Nothing is taken for granted. All is to be discovered. That‚s what is so fascinating.‰
Painting privileged moments of life, Annie calls upon her emotions which are reflected in her work.

Françoise Coffrant « Peindre les marines »

1986Credit Agricole - Dieppe (France)
1989Rouen-FRANCE ( Galerie de la Cour d'Albane )
1990Salle Pleyel - Paris (France)
1990Modern Art Gallery - Paris (France)
1991Gallery de la Cour d'Albane(Rouen-France)
Lyons la Forêt ( France )
1992Salle Pleyel - Paris (France)
1992Hambourg (Germany)
1992/93Amsterdam (Netherland))
1993Dieppe (France)
1994Offranville - Dieppe (France)
1994Pont Audemer (France)
1994Salle Pleyel Paris (France)
1994Namurs ( Belgium)
1995La Baule ( France)
1995Perros-guirec (France)
1995 to 2007Galerie de Normandie; St Vaast (France)
1996Dieppe (France)
1996Rouen La Chapelle du Carmel ( France)
1996Galerie Goinard Paris (France)
1996Galerie Mila - Porto-Veccio Corse ( France)
1996/97Galerie Dupuis Hardelot ( France)
1997Galerie Art Service - Rouen (France)
1998Chambre de Commerce - Dieppe (France)
1998Galerie Art Service - Rouen (France)
1998Atelier Aljancic - Gif sur Yvette (France)
1998 to 2001Sutton Galleries; New-Orleans (USA)
1998 to 2006Richards Galleries; Englewood, Greenwich, Charlotte (USA)
1999Galerie Art Service - Rouen (France)
1999Galerie en Ré- Bois Colombes (France)
1999Sutton Galleries - New Orleans ( USA)
2000Credit Agricole - Dieppe (France)
2000Atelier Aljancic - Gif sur Yvette (France)
2000 Richards Galleries - Englewood (NJ USA)
1998 to 2006Richards Galleries - Charlotte (USA)
2000Galerie du Pharos - Marseilles (France)
2000/05Galerie Obeniche; Honfleur (France)
2000 to 2006Artexpo-New-york
2001Gallerie Art Service - Rouen (France)
2001Galerie en Ré - Bois - Colombes (France)
2002Dieppe (France)
2002Atelier Aljancic - Gif sur Yvette (France)
2002Gallery de la Place - Lyon (France)
2003 to 2012Tokyo-Suiha gallerie ( Japan)
2003Galerie en Ré- Bois Colombes (France)
2003Office de tourisme - Rouen
2003Galerie du Duc Guillaume - Bayeux (France)
2003Salon Lucie Faure, Palais Bourbon (Paris)
2004Rouen La Chapelle du Carmel ( France)
2004Suiha gallery - Hiroshima, Sendai, Tokyo (Japan)
2004Galerie Rollin - Rouen (France)
2005/06Galerie de l'Estuaire; Honfleur (France)
2005Galerie en Ré - Bois Colombes (France)
2005Atelier Aljancic - Gif sur Yvette (France)
2006Salon "Top Marques" - Shanghai (China)
2006Galerie Rollin - Rouen (France)
2007Galerie en ré (Bois-Colombes FRANCE )
2007Salon de la Marine (Paris)
2008Galerie Hamon-Le Havre-France
2008Galerie de l'ecusson (Montpellier-France)
2008Galerie Rollin (ROUEN-FRANCE)
2009Galerie des Muses
2009Galerie de l'Ecusson (Montpellier-FRANCE)
2009Galerie en ré (Bois-Colmbes- France)
2009Galerie Aljancic (Gif/Yvette-France)
2010Galerie Hamon (Le Havre-France)
2010Galerie des Sablons (Saint-Malo- France)
2010Galerie Rollin (Rouen-France)
2011Galerie de L'Ecusson (Montpellier-FRANCE)
2011Versaille (FRANCE)
2011Gif sur Yvette (FRANCE)
2011Art Fair Shanghai, Canton
2012Galerie en Ré -Bois Colombes( FRANCE)
2012Galerie Rollin, Rouen
2013Galerie de l'Ecusson (Montpellier-France)
2013Pourville sur Mer
2013Abbaye St Georges de Boscherville(76)
2014Eglise St Pierre de Touques (Calvados)
2014Galerie ROLLIN-ROUEN (France)
2014Galerie de Normandie (St Vaast la Hougue)
Salon des Andelys1st price of water color 81
Salon des Atistes indépendants NormandsSilver medal-price of Maison du Dessin 88
Salon de VascoeuilGold medal 86
Salon d’avignonExcelence price
Salon national du Lion’s club1st Price in Le Havre and Public recognition Medal
Salon d’Automne (Paris)
Salon des Artistes Françaissociétaire, Honorable mention , Price « Guillemet-Delaistre
1st price Sant-Romain,Rouen
Salon de la Côte d’Albatre1st price
Salon Lucie Faure (Palais Bourbon,Paris )
Vermeil medal from the Académie Française Art Sciences et Lettres
Vermeil medad From « Merite et Dévouement Français)
Salon de la Marine 2007 (Paris)
Art fair of St Pierre les NemoursJury's price

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