What will you do when you will be a grown-up? I want to be a painter, answered little Annie, with colour pencils in her hand, enjoying to draw again and always hoping to become one day an artist.
And the adults, from the top of their certainty, inevitably retorted that it was not a profession!
That was yesterday.
Since then, Annie puybareau, born in 1955, carried out her dream, after having followed the courses of the Art School of Rouen, and having mixed with post-impressionist painters like Albert malet.
Whatever the seasons, she unceasingly works in plein air, arguing the composition of a drawing which enables her to show with accuracy a cliff, a sunken road, or a conversation.
And when the Gods of Olympus awake their ire with too strong bad weather, she allows herself a little break in the studio, to work, always with realism, still life or indoor scenes.
But it is when she sketches the country and marine atmospheres, the edges of the Seine in Rouen, the île de Ré, the mountain or the south, that this artist truly leaves her creative sensitivity rein free in the transparency of a material which plays with light and shade.

Colored markets, sunny beaches, fishermen in labor and cheerful children, without exaggeration, the colors give life to scenes with authentic and generous figures who always hold her attention.
Under an overcast sky, the sea rolls, the trees ruffle, people are agitated with gaiety: it is the powerful and enthusiastic life that Annie Puybareau reports glares of a style which revitalizes nature.
And her classicism of composition, which is not charmless, awakes the poetry of atmospheres, by stealing, with ease, the tenderness of natural emotions.
Thierry Sznytka.