Annie Puybareau works in the tradition of  “en plein air” (in open air), a way of painting  outdoors started by the Barbizon Artists in the  19th century and continued by the Impressionists. Annie’s plein air paintings are in keeping with the tradition of artists such as Corot, Monet and Morisot. Yet, Annie Puybareau’s style is also reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s hard-edged, yet fluid, American painting style- making her art very popular with American collectors.
Born in Paris in 1955, Annie Puybareau showed a pronounced gift for drawing. At the age of 20 she enrolled at Rouen's Fine Arts College in Robert Savory's (Grand Prix de Rome) classes. She subsequently encountered Albert Malet with whom she developed her skills in capturing varying weather conditions, thus following the footsteps of the Normandy Impressionist painters. Annie graduated in 1975 from the School of Fine Art (Beaux Arts) in Rouen, France, and carries on the fine lineage of Ecole de Rouen painters.
Annie is one of the most sought-after contemporary realist painters in France today.  Her keen sensitivity to magnificent scenery, fluid color, light and shadow render her scenes of Normandy beaches, Moroccan villages, flowers and the French countryside unique, original and joyous.  Annie’s work is included in many international private collections and museums, and sells at the auctioneers Doyle’s, Christie’s, Skinners, and Bonham/ Butterfield. She is one of the few contemporary French artists to have her work sold in major auction galleries like these. Her resume is deserving entry into a group of carefully chosen artists by prestigious galleries worldwide.
She is a member of the "Salon des Artists Francais" in Paris, and her career is punctuated by numerous prizes and exhibitions throughout Europe. Her works have been acquired by city councils, banks, collectors, institutions and other important groups. She has been awarded an Arts, Sciences and Letters silver medal. Annie has been teaching painting to pupils since 1989.
The recipient of several awards, Annie’s work has received prizes at the Salon d’Automne, the Salon des Artises Français, and most recently at the pretigious 40th Salon de la Marine at the Musée de la Marine atPlace du Trocadero in Paris, the most important marine art museum in France.
"Annie Puybareau seeks out those scenes of Normany's everyday life. With eagerness and force she adds brushstrokes and the dynamic color which give her paintings their intensity of expression." Art-Actualite' magazine-1996
 "Paintings in the life of the 'Ecole de Rouen' a suggestion of classicism topped with a fresh vision of nature and characters grasped alive." M. C. Goinard
 "Annie paints pictures of unutterable serenity; works of art portraying happiness, sheer happiness. Nothing in the images betrays constraint; nothing evokes work, routine, or boredom. Done with accurate drawing, Annie's, paintings withhold and give out a share of pure well-being that we can all experience in this world, sometimes..." Jean-Francois Benoit.